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Serving the beaches of LA and the OC, booking from Laguna Beach, to the hills of Malibu and Beverly Hills and to the Mountains and the High Deserts of Southern California and anywhere in between.

Our goal is to capturing authenticity, love & harmony.

All while embracing art and creativity.

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Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya


Photography in new places

We are currently offering an $180 package for the locals here in the L.A. & O.C. here in Southern California.

Looking to rebuild and connect with new clients!

Booking photoshoots in the beaches, trails and in the cities of LA and the OC. From Laguna Beach, to Santa Monica and the hills of Malibu.

This special is for LOCALS ONLY!

Applies only to: Maternity, Family, Couples, Headshots, Models & Boudoir.

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Our Life to Capture

There is no difference between the beauty of a sunset over the beach or the beauty in the glimpse of love in a family. Togetherness is why we are here, it is the connectedness of all things, and that connection, that reminder, love - is always worth capturing. It is our life to capture.

Welcome to, My Outdoor Studio, a photographer in the High Desert, A photographer also in Big Bear, Long Beach & LA

The Photographer

The Life of us

"Welcome to My Outdoor Studio, my name is Paul Adrian Moon, your photographer. With an unfolding life of my own, and with children of my own, and as an artist, I can't help but express the importance of the value photography has. It shows us the appreciation and yet if we look closely, as a realization that we do in fact, value this ever changing present moment. And yet, at the same time, photography seems to also further reminded us just how fleeting life is. And this is why I choose photography and to work with those who love it.

In a center of this vast place we've come to know, only some of us have come to choose to see that vastness, as beauty.

And that is why you are here. Something in you has seen and realized just how beautiful and fun life can be, wishing to capture that as it all fleets away.

Because it is fleeting.

Beautiful, but fleeting."

-- Paul Adrian Moon


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“A bird does not sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.”

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We are the dreamers

We, the Artists & Creators of many things

Love, Art & Business (Graphic Design)

There really is no difference

Business and love shouldn't be looked at as separate entities. In fact, both go very well together. They can be harmonious if we give it the right angle and attention. With the work I do, from photography to design - I am sure to offer my clients the upmost modern and clean designs to match their brand and needs. I make sure love is accentuated with every photograph I take. And with anything else I do, I make sure I give it all my attention and precense.

For, the only time we ever have.. is now.

And what better time than the present moment?

Paul Adrian Moon

Photographer | Artist | Visuals | Web & Media

Paul Adrian Moon, founder of My Outdoor Studio, Photographer of over 10 years, Graphic Designer, AI Artist and Sage Necklace Designer. Originally from The Mojave Desert, CA, now covering a trifecta of areas from the deserts, to the mountains, to the cities and beaches of LA.

Offering his hand in your visual needs for families and couples as well as businesses and artists.

Cultivating spirituality & art within all the work captured from lens to screen and beyond.

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“When the lightning flashes
How admirable he who does not think life is fleeting”

Photo Retouching/Editing

Currently offering photo retouches and editing

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Photoshoots Using AI (New)

Looking for something mystical? Something surreal? Get your images photoshopped using an AI and create magic

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“Photography is a gift to both of us.”