Set up an AI photoshoot (new)

A new feature & service we now offer - Get photos edited and enhanced to create mystical, magical & surreal images. And with the ability to photoshop you or someone you love into them.

Or to create something new entirely from scratch.

More info below, fill out the form to get creative.

Enjoy something new, artistic and creative you wont be able to get anywhere else in the high desert or any app on your phone:

Make Magic


Image of client photoshopped in an AI creation. Made by Paul Adrian Moon at My Outdoor Studio.

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Q & A

Who gets these made?: Those looking for something different & new. Or those who have had a passed loved one and now looking for a memorial type photo with a mystical and fantasy twist to share or print. For business or social media content.

What exactly are they?: They are magical images made using AI technology & photoshop to create surreal fantasy looking images & beautiful artwork. Something that is gaining HUGE popularity and will continue to do so in the coming years.

How much does it cost? Depends on what you're looking for fill out form for custom personalized quote, but I will say- very cheap.

How long does it take? Depends on what you're looking for, typically anywhere from 2-3 days on average, sometimes sooner.

Is it professional? Yes, very professional. Get a full quote with choices, an invoice, a full receipt & a coupon towards any photoshoot or future creation with every purchase.

Here you can either set up a photoshoot to custom create your desire and bring it to life with a blend of fantasy and photography. OR you can send a high quality photo you wish to be photoshop and rendered using the AI. Fill out the form above to get started.