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If You Are Seeing This..

Welcome! If you are seeing this, it means we are currently offering free photoshoots to help build our new portfolio! And yes, it's 100% free. We are also offering shoots on a donation basis as well for those who do not qualify for a complete free model shoot. We still want to give everyone a chance at a photoshoot in the LA and OC areas.

Why exactly? We are currently re-branding, re-building & re-focusing our attention on creating a brand new portfolio. We will be using the images we take for ads, promotion, showcasing, web, and anything online we do.

And by "Models" we mean any photo sessions for maternity, boudoir, couples/engagements, headshots & female/male outdoor fashion models, families & children, and as well as pets.

This project will go on from the beginning of December 2023 till the end of March 2024

Not only to build a new portfolio, but to further practice on posing, composition and a new style, as well as working with new potential clients, workflow with different personalities and different areas! Apply today! Lets have some fun!


Taking submissions in today!

Please fill out this form below to see if you qualify for either a free photoshoot or a On-Donation-Basis Photoshoot! Please note the following:

  • ALL Applicants MUST be okay with photo-use for online promotions, marketing, portfolio showcasings & more! ALL PHOTOS WE TAKE MUST BE ACCEPTED FOR ONLINE USE! NO EXCEPTIONS!

  • Not everyone will be accepted or selected, but we are taking in ALL Submissions!

  • The photographer chooses the location! Including areas from Laguna Beach, Huntington Beach to Venice & Santa Monica, Malibu & Beverly Hills! All Applicants MUST be okay with traveling to either one of these locations!

  • Photographer chooses outfit colors/attire!
  • By filling out and submitting the form, you are agreeing to release all the rights to your images.

Thank you so very much for your time.

Paul Adrian Moon; My Outdoor Studio

*only applies to Maternity, Family, Headshots, Couple Shoots, Children, Pets and EXCLUDES: Weddings, Events, Graduations - For these photoshoots, please visit this page HERE

To see photos I have taken in the past visit the front page

OR straight to my portfolio gallery here


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Thank you very much for your interest, we will get back to you as soon as we can. So much peace and love, thank you all. Have a Happy New Year!



Yes! If you qualify! These shoots will be COMPLETELY FREE to help build the new portfolio! You may donate if you wish, but that is entirely up to you! If you qualify, you are considered an official "My Outdoor Studio Model"

What if I DON'T Qualify?

If you don't qualify, you may still have a chance to shoot ON A DONATION BASIS. Instead of a flat price, you may still get the option to shoot and pay what you feel out of your own heart. We will notify you through either text or email letting you know whether on a donation or completely free shoot.

We will send you a text letting you know we can shoot on a donation, THIS IS A LIMITED TIME OFFER!

What Photoshoots DO NOT qualify?

Shoots that automatically DO NOT qualify are: Events, Weddings, Quinceñeras & Parties

How much do we donate?

That is up to you and that will come from the heart. We have no set expectation or desire for how much you give, that is out of your heart and only out of your heart alone. We are just wanting to mostly give this beginning new year of 2024.

Where do we shoot?

Photographer chooses the location based on a number of things like the models themselves, wardrobe options, and what area photographer is currently located/based.